The Coaches

Kim Alderwick has been a trainer in Santa Fe since 2002. She is a competitive weightlifter and has held State, National, World and Pan American records in her age and weight class. She is certified through the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Shane Miller has been a trainer in Santa Fe since 1991 and since 1993 has coached his lifters to over 800 records. These include medals at State, National and International competitions in the Youth, Junior, Senior and Masters divisions. He has served on the board of New Mexico Weightlifting since 1998 and is currently Vice-President of the organization. Miller is a respected National level coach, certified through the Olympic Training Center.

Erik Hickey – Erik has trained with Shane since 2012. He is a Santa Fe firefighter and licensed EMT. Erik has competed extensively and has assisted with numerous meets and workshops at The Miller Gym. 

Jodi Stumbo – Jodi began weightlifting with Shane in 1995 and holds numerous State, National and World records. In 2015 she completed the coveted Grand Slam by winning the American, National, Pan Am and World Masters weightlifting championships all in the same year. She has served on the board of NM Weightlifting for more than 20 years and holds a Category 2 National Coach license. In March of 2017, Jodi won her tenth national title and was inducted into the Masters' Weightlifting Hall of Fame.