photo credit: Kim Alderwick 2017

photo credit: Kim Alderwick 2017

What We Do

We design your individualized work out program based upon your goals, then schedule a one hour appointment during which we teach you the exercises. All are recorded on a card to which you refer while you train. We work with you to determine appropriate weights and verify your understanding of the movements. Thereafter, you are welcome to use the gym when it is convenient to you. We are always available to assist and support.

Your program and the training of it are included in the cost of your membership. Sometimes a client needs more than one hour to learn the exercises in the program. We are happy to meet a second time to insure confidence with the movements. Programs are changed every 4 - 6 weeks.

Two Kinds of Programs

We offer 2 kinds of programming. One is for clients seeking to improve strength and overall conditioning.  The second kind is for athletes seeking instruction in the sport of weightlifting.

Strength Training and Overall Conditioning

All our clients receive individualized programs. For clients seeking improved health and fitness, most programs entail dumb bell training in combination with boxes, balls, balance beams, rings, trampoline, rowers, bikes and much more, offering variety and meaningful challenge.

We work closely with all our clients to ensure proper challenge. As you strengthen, so does your program. We are deeply committed to training sound technique and providing clients with ongoing support.


For clients seeking instruction in weightlifting, we offer a combined 30 years experience coaching this sport. Our athletes have held state, national, Pan Am and World records. (We have actually lost count of the records our lifters have set over the past 25 years, but the number, last tallied in 2015, exceeds 700.)

We provide high quality Eleiko and Werksan barbells and bumpers, including 11 men's bars, 9 women's bars, 10 and 5 kilo bars. Our 9 weightlifting platforms measure 8' by 8' and are arranged for training hall style instruction.

We very deliberately designed the layout of our gym to host high quality weightlifting competitions on our regulation platform. We hold 4 a year and invite athletes from New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Arizona to participate.